Wednesday, January 9, 2008


After 4 weeks of work, the NECCA Pro-Track's "Team Acro" unveiled our bad ass recital number- Kung Fu Fighting!
We really worked hard- learning tough, brand new skills and lots of choreography with 7 people in only 4 weeks. The night of the show, everything was going fantastic- we had tons of adrenaline and excitement. When it got to my first big move, I was pitched from Henry and Colleen into a "Oiseau" above Monkey's head...we were so pumped up I literally flew OVER his head! He caught me low on the legs instead of the hips, but Monkey broke my fall entirely! We went down like a ton of bricks! We both jumped up and goofed our way into place, immediately picking up with the rest of the sequence! The irony is that that trick wasn't the one that terrified me the most- the one below was! Luckily we have had enough clown training to cover even this major fuck up! It was still fun and funny for many days afterwards...only Monkey is still nursing a sore shoulder- poor Monkey!

This is a back flip of Monkey's shoulders. (The photo is from rehearsal, I didn't have a spotter at the show...just so you know!)

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