Wednesday, January 9, 2008


BEST NEW YEARS EVER! It was a show, a dance party, an hour long Polaroid session and crazy-good times at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn on New Years with Dr. Lukki, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Little Brooklyn, Baby New Year, Nasty Canasta, Johnny Porkpie, Gal Friday and Albert Cadabra.

The party was definitely over January 2nd-6th.
We had to move out of our amazing rehearsal studio at Load Of Fun....many tears were shed in the process.
Since we have decided to stay in Vermont longer and the rent on the space increased, it just didn't make sense to hold onto it. We had been at Load Of Fun for 2 years, were the second tenants to move in (even with rats, no heat and broken windows!) and were proud to be part of what has grown into an inspiring artistic community.

We packed up 2,000 sq feet of stuff and moved it into an 80 sq foot storage unit (and gave/sold uncountable things too). Here is my giant closet that Monkey made for us to store all of our costumes- it wouldn't fit out of the door. It had to be cut in half horizontally and I could only fit the bottom half into the storage space, but some closet is better than none!

Good bye Closet.

Good bye Rainbow.

Good bye Load Of Fun.

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Jared said...

Its truly an end of an era! Just let me know if you need help storing some of the scenery!

Are you changing websites too?