Tuesday, December 18, 2007


After a tough week of rehearsing our group acro number and getting to know a new coach (Mark) who busted our butts, we spent an awesomely reclusive 3-day weekend at Bradford and Chase's "CHALET" located 17 miles north of Brattleboro (see September archive for a fall photo of the Chalet). It snowed on top of snow- and piled up quickly! With a fire place, cable TV and an awesome internet connection all wrapped up in a snowy Vermont package, we left feeling refreshed, inspired and productive!

Meal preparation was quite rustic. Due to changes at the Chalet, there wasn't any silverware....so we got creative:

I made progress on some Vermont-inspired past times- beer drinking, fire tending AND embroidery...

While "Monkey- the Meteorologist" kept track of snow accumulation...16 inches and counting!

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traci said...

can't wait to see your needlepoint! there's nothing like a fire and an axe to make the holidays warm and cozy!