Saturday, January 26, 2008


Weird Bruise #67
This one came from working on Risley (aka Icharian Games/ Foot Juggling). I started sitting on Monkey's feet and did a back flip off backwards. His toes pushing me up gave me a major pain in the ass. It didn't subside for 3 days either.

Some of us who need remedial tumbling lessons are now taking an additional class at a local gymnastics facility. This was week 2 and our first time getting on a serious regulation trampoline made with stretchy criss-crossed strings- it was kind of like being sling-shot! Here's me during and after a scary jump into the foam pit- kind of like an energy sucking vortex- it's so hard to climb out!

We learned a bunch of cool chair balances this week. They are fun and really helpful for stretching your back and shoulders!

This week was memorable for me also because I had an amazing private lesson with Mark- he stretched me waaaaaayyyy out and helped me pin point a possible reason for why my splits have constricted and left me. Since so much of what Monkey and I have been doing the past few weeks has been Risley, acro or really intense core stuff where I'm in hollow body position most of the time- he wondered if my lower back was staying tight and not really releasing ever....which can yank your hamstrings up as tight as guitar strings. This makes a lot of sense with how my body has been feeling. It's such a sensitive balance with this stage of my training- I'm realizing that I have to match my efforts in strengthening with double the amount of flexibility work. Even though I still get steam rolled every day in class- I am FINALLY feeling a hair more strong than I am weak....literally just this week that has happened. This is clearly a race the tortoises will win!

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