Monday, October 8, 2007


I drove 7 hours Friday to join my favorite Baltimore nutballs who convened as Camp Love Letters- a brilliant interactive theme camp conceived of by Spoon- people came by to write love letters and then we would take turns delivering them! We brought a lot of joy to the world this weekend! Other highlights include (but are not limited to):

1. DONKEY! I never knew I loved donkeys so much!

2. Making my synchronized hula hoop video (with 28 hoopers and only one rehearsal!)
3. Our synchronized swim routine for the opening ceremony of the Naked Slip-N-Slide
4. Pickletinis (pickle juice, vodka, vermouth- YUM and WEIRD!)
5. Writing and delivering all the love letters.
6. Malcolm's Robot Dance
7. Gnome sitings Friday night
8. Joe's angry-dad voice for deliveries
9. Talking about pink bubbles, crystals, Mongolian vacationing, Chartreuse, roadkill photography, Britney, geology, William Shatner- to name a few memorable converstations.
10. And being in the best camp ever with the coolest and most creative people EVER- I LOVE YOU CAMP LOVE LETTERS!

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