Thursday, October 11, 2007


Splitsville, USA- After 2 days of really intense focus on stretching my hips, hip flexors and hamstrings- I made it to Splitsville on both sides! I managed to put on a happy face amidst the intensity just long enough to pose. Guess that's the showgirl in me. One of the funny analogies that made me and my stretching buddies laugh through the pain was talking about how getting splits is like anal sex- you have to coax it each time and never over push!

This week was the first week of skills training instead of just conditioning like we have been doing- which was exciting and fun, but also means we have to motivate for serious and do all the same amount of conditioning on our own time. The safety lines were brought out for the first time this week for us to learn Penny Drops- basically flips off a high bar onto the ground.

Life in Keene continues to amuse as well- this is a little after-dinner freak-fest with Sadie and Monkey. I'm sad to leave here in November, but we will definitely need to be closer to the studio (Keene is 30 minutes away) to become the bad asses we want to be! We're gonna spend the rest of our 9 months in Brattleboro with 2 guy contortionists in the program- isn't that hot?

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