Monday, October 22, 2007


Home after 6 weeks- this is our show at The much love. (Camp Love Letters spotted far left!)
Bradford- I'm soooo sorry I had to post this photo- but Dr. Donut undressed is PRICELESS- just know I didn't make any money off this "Celebrities- They're Just Like Us- They even drink beer in their underwear!" moment.

I started researching a new show about the relationship between animals and their trainers- inspired by the real-life relationship of Scotty and Jumbo the elephant circa 1880's. Thusly, I went to visit my friend, Rick, at the Baltimore Zoo to see the educational animals and had the amazing opportunity to watch him and another employee brush Yang the Alligator's teeth! Small- but scary and scaly. They are like fleshy yet stony at the same time- positively prehistoric. And there WAS a small amount of blood shed even in this weekly dental routine!

On Saturday night, a dear old friend also got married in a Vedic ceremony- please have all the people I love gather around to shower me in rose petals ANY TIME. I think I would spontaneously combust, orgasminate, phosphorese and squeal with reckless abandon!

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