Thursday, September 20, 2007


Tuesday was startling for me. I was so cold in the morning that I had to get dressed under the covers. This was alarming because it's only September. I know the cold weather is coming, but really...changing under the covers in September? Luckily the rest of the week has been GORGE. And the leaves are just starting to change. Muscles and joints were tighter and more resistant this week- after so much exertion it's kind of normal. We got to meet Zina this week- the former Russian gymnast and coach to all the contortionists. She lived up to her nice/tough reputation during our tumbling class today- especially busting our chops on handstand form. Our private this week with Bill was spent mainly on me basing Monkey- a crazy feat for someone 50 pounds smaller!

This two-high shoulder stand above was like insanely painful- it felt like my whole ribcage could collapse into a pile down from the top of my collarbones. But we kept at it and Bill made me walk forward, backward, side to side with him up there a few times. As for the hooping update- I am now able to go from shoulder stand into a shoulder roll into head stand- all while hooping on my right foot and Monkey hooped whilst on the tightwire- SERIOUS TRICKS!


Scotty the Blue Bunny said...

Go Go GO! Look at you guys GO! fucking amazing! just started back on the serious work-outs overhere AND got a pilates job offer. Been riding 20 miles round trip a day to rehearsal. No handstands yet!

Lynn said...


At first I didn't catch that was you as the bottom stander. Super Trixie indeed! And the hooping is awesome. You guys are gonna get stronger than dirt. And the pain will slowly subside as the muscles get BIG. It's still hot as heck down here, but cooling when it rains, which is nearly everyday. Miss you! Kick up a hoop for me!