Saturday, September 29, 2007


Theme of the Week: Run, Girl, Run!
Where the level of soreness in the past couple weeks was hovering around 9 or 10, this week never got above 8. I went running three times- at home and at the studio- always in cemeteries! Beautiful, quiet and serene but weirdly ironic somehow- when you feel your blood and breath so intensely- you're so acutely, physically alive yet surrounded by such formal reverence to the dead. It's nice and humbling.

Climbing is getting easier and important pain-preventing callouses are forming on my hands. On Thursday, Zina coached us in tumbling and partner acro- which we love and are proficient in, so we were able to help people too. I had never done a front limber before- from a handstand you lower both feet to the ground into a bridge and then stand up (different from walk-overs where one foot lands first). Our private lesson was with Serenity this week and we workshopped 3-person acro with chairs. It was hard to get good photos of it- video would have been better- but here are some of the positions above. Friday culminated in our second social gathering with our circus program peeps- we had awesome Thai food and plotted some smart-assery to inflict upon our acting teacher!

In Hula Hoop News: My transition to head stand foot hooping is getting smoother AND I finally figure out how to kick the hoop back up to hips from knees. My ankles are brusied pretty badly from starting to work on kicking up TO knees from the ground- when they heal, I'll be back to work on that one.

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