Sunday, September 23, 2007


This weekend was real New Englandy. Friday we got to go apple picking in New Hampshire with the girls who live in the house where we're living- they are brilliant and fun. One bushel and a bellyful of apples later, we were making apple crisp to take to a potluck dinner with peeps from the circus program. Saturday night we went to Bradford (aka Doctor Donut) and Chase's "CHALET" outside of Brattleboro. After many cocktails and embarassing (for me anyway) games of ping pong, foos ball and Clue by the crackling fire- we went to sleep only to wake up to more woodland creatures than Snow White could attract in heat. Literally, a wee little blue bird was staring at me through the window of one room, while a red squirrel chirpped and signaled with his tail out of another. I was waiting for them to make my breakfast, but Chase did that instead. The day culminated in a walk, some "chipmunk therapy" (staring in silence as the agonizingly cute chipmunk critters gobble up the scattered remains of the bird feeder) and one more rousing game- this time it was badmitton. Which we lost. Probably because of me. The Chalet was like a slice of Alpine wonderment- note the squirrel pattern railings on the deck that they designed themselves. So much cuteness IS PAINFUL!

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