Monday, May 19, 2008


We're off to England for a month to perform in the British debut of the NYC cabaret show Le Scandal at the Brighton Fringe Festival. The trip got off to a THRILLING start when we were seated on the plane next to the female-to-male tranny porn star- Buck Angel! We know Buck from The Box as "the man with a pussy"- and he enthralled me all night long with stories about the porn world! He even invited us to stay with him and his wife in Mexico!

Brighton is a really cool sea-side town along the English Channel- it's known as being the "Little London" and kind of classy and gay. Le Scandal is doing 14 shows in this upside down purple cow tent called the Udderbelly.

Our producer/host (Fiona) put us in an AMAZING flat and it's awesome! It has a balcony, a big comfy rug, flocked wallpaper, fancy old shudders and you can see the sea from the window! It's a part of Brighton called by the locals "Hove, actually" because it's fancy. Across the street all week this famous boxer who just went through a messy divorce after his reality show bombed stayed in the Landsdowne Hotel. He drove a BIG RIG around. We couldn't help but take photos with it one night.

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