Monday, May 19, 2008


The first week was mostly spent promoting the show- it finally got up and running only to receive a bad review from the local paper. They called Monkey "hideous" which he took as a compliment and delivered bananas in his thong to the reporter! We had bruised feelings for a few days but then realized that everyone hates the paper that wrote it and took the review favorably! By the of the run every show was sold out! The Wau Wau sisters were here for 2 days doing the festival and we got to catch up with them too.

In England a Pasty is actually a type of pot pie thing. So, "pasties" are actually called "nipple tassels."

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Lynn said...

Just caught up with your circus school adventures and travels. Ouch, it hurts just reading and looking at the pics. Your determination and dedication delight me! Keep hoopin' Hope we cross paths again soon. Lynn