Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Tuesday was a normal day of classes. I must admit, it's becoming difficult to take still photos of most of the tricks we're learning because they are getting more dynamic. But we have been toughening up the skin on our calves in order to rock tricks from this leg-to-leg position. Our hand callouses are really macho too.
The rest of the week, we had a guest teacher (Jesse Dryden) for physical theater classes. Jesse is awesome. This is the second time he's worked with us. He'll come back in April and May to help direct our BIG ACT that we will complete by the end of the program. Some of his exercises included re-telling a memory while the rest of the class acts it out, creating movement pieces about elements, words and emotions and writing our own eulogy and acting it out in movement. Jesse is part of this GORGEOUS circus show called Birdhouse Factory:

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