Tuesday, November 6, 2007


My Camp Love Letters peeps and I made an appearance at the NYC Decompression Party at the Queens Museum of Art. Below Alice helps collect love letters at the mailbox...

L-O-V-E was dispersed despite high winds, cold temperatures and a tragic lack of inebriates.
Despite all that, the UNI-SPHERE was unifying...

I also had a gig a
t Brooklyn Academy of Music that same night. The crowd was wrapped around the block!

BAM was a bitchin' venue- even at midnight the wardrobe lady fitted my baggy pants and helped amp up my SEXITUDE, in order to rock out with my hoop out. Here we are in her shop-

I also had some quality nap time on the World Famous BOB's soft pillows...ahhhhh, home at last!

(She really is that tall- no squatting, heels, or other enhancements used in the taking of this photo)

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World Famous said...

how about I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! My pillows miss you too!!! Love, World Famous *BOB*