Sunday, November 11, 2007


I turned 33 this week and instead of putting all the pressure on one day to satisfy my feeling of specialness, I always* celebrate a BirthWEEK. In honor of that, I am doing 33 of something different every day.

DAY ONE- 33 drops into back bends from standing (plus one for good luck)

DAY TWO- 33 one-minute splits plus one for good luck (17 each side)

DAY THREE- 33 beverages (and one for good luck)

33 minutes in the toe-point stretching device (torture!)

DAY FIVE- 33 bruises and blisters from trapeze and acro (things are getting WILD!)

DAY SIX- 33 pike-up headstands with my two roommates- Chris and Adam

DAY SEVEN- 33 other things that start with "o" (with a grand finale in one of the bathrooms at The Box in NYC that is outfitted with a padded cushion above the toilet, handle bar and foot shelves at the proper angle know...comfort and stuff.)

*Unless it's a new decade- then I celebrate BirthMONTH (ie: turning 20, 30, 40, etc)

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