Monday, April 7, 2008


We performed 7 shows in 5 days at the 5th annual Moisture Festival. This was our second year performing alongside hilarious and inspiring vaudeville, variety and burlesque performers in the glory of blooming cherry blossoms, perky daffodils and the bright green grass of Seattle in April.

Oh- the glamour! Being in the presence of these gorgeous creatures was like a succulent dessert, an impeccable cocktail and a racy romance novel all poured into a sequined gown...Miss Indigo Blue, Waxie Moon and The Swedish Housewife.

These are the A-DORABLE Aerialistas who performed the cutest synchronized cupcake-inspired aerial hoop act.

Over at Hale's Brewery Palladium, we caught up with the Rasypini Brothers. We had worked with Dan (on the right) at Baltimore's Mini-Fest and greatly admire and respect him- he's profoundly funny in my book.

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