Monday, March 24, 2008


The whole Pro-Track program had a sleep over at the studio this week- we promptly made a fort with the fabric and stayed up late playing games and watching You Tube.

In other news- Monkey and I had some major break-thrus this week! We finally nailed some tricks we've spent a few weeks working on.

In the Risley department: first time log flips- flipping from back to front perpendicular to Monkey's feet. We also got a drop from foot to foot to front balance. And our pop to foot-to-foot from sitting was like 100%! In the trapeze department: Monkey can do an ankle drop while supporting all of my weight from sitting. In the acro department: I was able to pop Monkey up to a 2-high instead of having him climb up to my shoulders.

Accomplishments come in fits and spurts and then you have to figure out how to make them reliably performable. But this was a major week for us.

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